Authors – Doctor Who, Part II

Part 2 of the collection of Doctor Who Books. Do you have any of these?

Casualties Of War, S. Emerson

Dark Progeny, S. Emerson

Galaxy Four – No. 104, W. Emms

The Ark – No. 114, P. Erickson

Independence Day, P. Darvill-Evans

A Day In The Life, I. Farrington

Defining Patterns, I. Farrington

Monsters, I. Farrington

Past Tense, I. Farrington

Hunter’s Moon, P. Finch

The Creature From The Pit – No. 11, D. Fisher

Drift, S. A. Forward

Emotional Chemistry, A. Forward

Equilibrium, A. Forward

Shell Shock, A. Forward

Nothing O’Clock, N. Gaiman

Last Of The Gaderene, M. Gatiss

Nightshade, M. Gatiss

The Roundheads, M. Gatiss

St. Anthony’s Fire, M. Gatiss

Dead Air, J. Goss

Dead Of Winter, J. Goss

The Hounds Of Artemis, J. Goss

How The Doctor Changed My Life, S. Guerrier

The Pirate Loop, S. Guerrier

The Slitheen Excursion, S. Guerrier

The Time Travellers, S. Guerrier

Target: Mike Shayne, B. Halliday

The Rising Night, S. Handcock

The Curse Of Peladon – No. 13, B. Hayes

The Essential Doctor Who, Issue 1 – Cybermen, Edited By M. Hearn

The Essential Doctor Who, Issue 2 – The Tardis, Edited By M. Hearn

The Essential Doctor Who, Issue 3 – Weird Worlds, Edited By M. Hearn

The Beast Of Babylon, C. Higson

The Crystal Brucephalus, C. Hinton

Godengine, C. Hinton

Millennial Rites, C. Hinton

The Quantum Archangel, C. Hinton

Synthespians, C. Hinton

The Dinosaur Invasion – No. 3 Pinnacle (No. 22
Target), M. Hulke

The Doomsday Weapon – No. 2 Pinnacle (N. 23 Target),
M. Hulke

The Green Death – No. 29, M. Hulke

The War Games – No. 70, M. Hulke

Cat’s Cradle: Witch Mark, A. Hunt

The Eye Of The Jungle, D. Jones

The Space Museum – No. 117, G. Jones

Bad Therapy, M. Jones

Beyond The Sun, M. Jones

The Mystery Of The Haunted Cottage, D. Landy

All-Consuming Fire, A. Lane

The Banquo Legacy, A. Lane & J. Richards

Decalog 2, Edited by A. Lane & J. Richards

Empire Of Glass (from online), A. Lane

Original Sin, A. Lane

Dancing The Code, P. Leonard

Dreamstone Moon, P. Leonard

Genocide, P. Leonard

The Last Resort, P. Leonard

Revolution Man, P. Leonard

Speed Of Flight, P. Leonard

Toy Soldiers, P. Leonard

The Turing Test, P. Leonard

The Daemons – No. 15, B. Letts

The Paradise Of Death, – No. 156, B. Letts

And Philosophy, C. Lewis

Combat Rock, M. Lewis

Rags, M. Lewis

Snapshot, J. Lidster

Night Of The Humans, D. Llewellyn

The Taking Of Chelsea 426, D. Llewellyn

The Story, R. & S. Lockley, P. Lewis, & R. Shearman

Marco Polo – No. 94, J. Lucarotti

The Massacre – No. 122, J. Lucarotti

Conundrum, S. Lyons

The Crooked World, S. Lyons

The Final Sanction, S. Lyons

Head Games, S. Lyons

Killing Ground, S. Lyons

The Murder Game, S. Lyons

Salvation, S. Lyons

The Space Age, S. Lyons

The Stealers Of Dreams, S. Lyons

Time Of Your Life, S. Lyons

The Witch Hunters, S. Lyons

The Blue Angel, P Magrs & J. Hoad

Mad Dogs And Englishmen, P. Magrs

The Scarlet Empress, P. Magrs

Sick Building, P. Magrs

Verdigris, P. Magrs

Managra, S. Marley

The Dominators – No. 86, I. Marter

The Enemy Of The World – No. 24, I. Marter

Harry Sullivan’s War. I. Marter

K9 And The Beasts Of Vega, D. Martin

K9 And The Missing Planet, D. Martin

K9 And The Time Trap, D. Martin

K9 And The Zeta Rescue, D. Martin

Mission To Magnus, P. Martin

Vengeance On Varos – No. 106, P. Martin

The Eye Of The Tyger, P. McAuley

The King’s Dragon, U. McCormack

Autumn Mist, D. A. McIntee

Bullet Time, D. A. McIntee

Dark Path, D. A. McIntee

The Eleventh Tiger, D. A. McIntee

The Face Of The Enemy, D. A. McIntee

First Frontier, D. A. McIntee

Lords Of The Storm, D. A. McIntee

Mission Impractical, D. A. McIntee

Sanctuary, D. A. McIntee

The Shadow Of Weng-Chiang, D. A. McIntee

The Wages Of Sin, D. A. McIntee

White Darkness, D. A. McIntee

The Way Through The Woods, U. McCormack

Blood And Hope, I. McLaughlin

The Day Of The Troll, S. Messingham

The Doctor Trap, S. Messingham

Face-Eater, S. Messingham

The Indestructible Man, S. Messingham

Infinity Race, S. Messingham

Strange England, S. Messingham

The Tomb Of Valdemar, S. Messingham

Zeta Major, S. Messingham

Halflife, M. Michalowski

Relative Dementias, M. Michalowski

Shining Darkness, M. Michalowski

Wetworld, M. Mchalowski

The Adventures Of Henrietta Street, L. Miles

Alien Bodies, L. Miles

Christmas On A Rational Planet, L. Miles

Interference I, L. Miles

Interference II, L. Miles

Dying In The Sun, J. D. B. Miller

The Forgotten Army, B. Minchin

Continuity Errors, S. Moffat

What I Did On My Holidays, S. Moffat

The Coming Of The Terraphiles, M. Moorcock

Anachrophobia, J. Morris

Festival Of Death, J. Morris

The Tomorrow Windows, J. Morris

Touched By An Angel, J. Morris

The Body Snatchers, M. Morris

Deep Blue, M. Morris

Forever Autumn, M. Morris

Ghosts Of India, M. Morris

Beltempest, J. Mortimore

Blood Heat, J. Mortimore

Campaign, J. Mortimore

Eternity Weeps, J. Mortimore

Eye Of Heaven, J. Mortimore

Parasite, J. Mortimore

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Doctor Who, Part I

TardisI love the show and have loved most of the books. Some of them get a little deep and some of those involving only the companions are interesting. I also have downloaded a lot of audio books which are pretty good, too.

Here’s the first part of the collection of books featuring Doctor Who.

The Also People, B. Aaronovitch

So Vile A Sin, B. Aaronovitch

Transit, B. Aaronovitch

The Forever Trap, D. Abnett

The Last Voyage, D. Abnett

The Silent Stars, D. Abnett

The Story Of Martha, D. Abnett

Frontier Worlds, P. Anghelides

Kersaal, P. Anghelides

Pest Control, P. Anghelides

The Daughter Claus, Anonymous

Nightdreamers, T. Arden

The Gemini Contagion, J. Arnopp

Turlough And The Earthlink Dilemma, T. Atwood

Seven Deadly Sins, D. Bailey

The Mark Of The Rani – No. 107, P. & J. Baker

Iceberg, D. Banks

Coldheart, T. Baxendale

The Deadstone Memorial, T. Baxendale

Eater Of Wasps, T. Baxendale

Fear Of The Dark, T. Baxendale

The Game Of Death, T. Baxendale

The Janus Conjunction, T. Baxendale

Prisoner Of The Daleks, T. Baxendale

Wishing Well, T. Baxendale

2040, J. Binns

Life Science, J. Binns

Steel Skys, J. Binns

Amorality Tale, D. Bishop

The Domino Effect, D. Bishop

The Savages – No. 109, I. Black
The War Machines – No. 136, I. Black

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection Doctor 07-The Ripple Effect, M. Blackman

Fallen Gods, J. Blum

Seeing I, J. Blum & K. Orman

Unnatural History, J. Blum & K. Orman

Vampire Science, J. Blum & K. Orman

The Year Of Intelligent Tigers, J. Blum

Autonomy, D. Blythe

The Dimension Riders, D. Blythe

Infinite Requiem, D. Blythe

Corpse Maker, C. Boucher

Last Man Running, C. Boucher

Match Of The Day, C. Boucher

Psi-ence Fiction, C. Boucher

The Colony Of Lies, C. Brake

Escape Velocity, C. Brake

The Graves Of Mordane, C. Brake

Judgement Of The Judoon, C. Brake

The Price Of Paradise, C. Brake

Dalek Empire, N. Briggs & S. Guerrier

The Dalek Generation, N. Briggs

Death Of Art, S. Bucher-Jones

Grimm Reality, S. Bucher-Jones & K. Hale

The Taking Of Planet 5, S. Bucher-Jones & M. Clapham

City At World’s End, C. Bulis

A Device Of Death, C. Bulis

The Eye Of The Giant, C. Bulis

Imperial Moon, C. Bulis

Palace Of The Red Sun, C. Bulis

Shadowmind, C. Bulis

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, C. Bulis

State Of Change, C. Bulis

Twilight Of the Gods, C. Bulis

Ultimate Treasure, C. Bulis

Vanderdeken’s Children, C. Bulis

Atom Bomb Blues, A. Cartmel

Cat’s Cradle: Warhead, A. Cartmel

Foreign Devils, A. Cartmel

Warchild, A. Cartmel

Warlock, A. Cartmel

Wonderland, M. Chadbourn

Christmas Around The World, X. E. Chown

Hope, M. Clapham

Silver Nemesis – No. 143, K. Clarke

The Dalek Factor, S. Clark

Ancestor Cell, S. Cole & P. Anghelides

The Art Of Destruction, S. Cole

The Feast Of The Drowned, S. Cole

The Monster Inside, S. Cole

The Ring of Steel, S. Cole

Short Trips, Edited by S. Cole

Sting Of The Zygons, S. Cole

Ten Little Aliens, S. Cole

Timeless, S. Cole

To The Slaughter, S. Cole

The Vampire Of Paris, S. Cole

Vanishing Point, S. Cole

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection Doctor 01-A Big Hand For The Doctor, E. Colfer

Dark Horizons, J. T. Colgan

Longest Day, M. Collier

The Taint, M. Collier

The Krillitane Storm, C. Cooper

Rip Tide, L. Cooper

A Christmas Treasury, P. Cornell

Goth Opera, P. Cornell

Happy Endings, P. Cornell

The Hopes And Fears Of All The Years, P. Cornell

Human Nature (from online), P. Cornell

Love And War, P. Cornell

No Future, P. Cornell

Scream Of The Shalka, P. Cornell

The Shadows Of Avalon, P. Cornell

Timewyrm 4: Revelation, P. Cornell

Venusian Lullaby, P. Cornell

Indefinable Magic, N. Corry

The Gunfighters – No. 101 D. Cotton

The Myth Makers – No. 97, D. Cotton

The Romans – No. 120, D. Cotton

Parallel 59, N. Dallaire & S. Cole

The Ultimate Evil, W. Daly

Asylum, P. Darvill-Evans

Deceit, P. Darvill-Evans

Damaged Goods, R. T. Davies

The Celestial Toymaker – No. 111, G. Davis & A.

The Tenth Planet – No. 62, G. Davis

Bunker Soldiers, M. Day

The Jade Pyramid, M. Day

Menagerie, M. Day

The Sleep Of Reason, M. Day

Wooden Heart, M. Day

The Quality Of Leadership, K. R. A. DeCandido

The Ambassadors Of Death – No. 121, T. Dicks

The Android Invasion – No. 2, T. Dicks

Blood Harvest, T. Dicks

The Carnival Of Monsters – No. 8, T. Dicks

Catastrophea, T. Dicks

Deadly Reunion, T. Dicks & B. Letts

The Destiny Of The Daleks – No. 21, T. Dicks

Eight Doctors, T. Dicks

Endgame, T. Dicks

The Faceless Ones – No. 116, T. Dicks

The Five Doctors – No. 81, T. Dicks

Four To Doomsday – No. 77, T. Dicks

The Giant Robot – No. 28, T. Dicks

The Keeper Of Traken – No. 37, T. Dicks

Kinda – No. 84, T. Dicks

The Krotons – No. 99, T. Dicks

Made Of Steel, T. Dicks

Planet Of Giants – No. 145, T. Dicks

The Planet Of The Daleks – No. 46, T. Dicks

Players, T. Dicks

The Revenge Of The Cybermen (2) – No. 5 Pinnacle, (No.
51 Target), T. Dicks

Revenge Of The Judoon, T. Dicks

Shakedown, T. Dicks

The Space Pirates – No. 147, T. Dicks

The Three Doctors – No. 64, T. Dicks

The Time Monster – No. 102, T. Dicks

The Time Warrior – No. 65, T. Dicks

Timewyrm: Exodus, T. Dicks

Vampire 2: Blood Harvest, T. Dicks

Warmonger, T. Dicks

World Game, T. Dicks

Shroud Of Sorrow, T. Donbavand

Black Orchid – No. 113, T. Dudley

K-9 And Company, T. Dudley
The King’s Demons – No. 108, T. Dudley

The Colour Of Darkness, R. Dungworth

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Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators

I started reading mysteries as a child and one of the early series, along with the Hardy Boys was Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators. This series was created by Robert Arthur, Jr.


I thoroughly enjoyed the mysteries and couldn’t get enough of them.


1. The Secret Of Terror Castle
2. The Mystery Of The Stuttering Parrot
3. The Mystery Of The Whispering Mummy
4. The Mystery Of The Green Ghost
5. The Mystery Of The Vanishing Treasure
6. The Secret Of Skeleton Island
7. The Mystery Of The Fiery Eye
8. The Mystery Of The Silver Spider
9. The Mystery Of The Screaming Clock
10. The Mystery Of The Moaning Cave
11. The Mystery Of The Talking Skull
12. The Mystery Of The Laughing Shadow
13. The Secret Of The Crooked Cat
14. The Mystery Of The Coughing Dragon
15. The Mystery Of The Flaming Footprints
16. The Mystery Of The Nervous Lion
17. The Mystery Of The Singing Serpent
18. The Mystery Of The Shrinking House
19. The Secret Of Phantom Lake
20. The Mystery Of Monster Mountain
21. The Secret Of The Haunted Mirror
22. The Mystery Of The Dead Man’s Riddle
23. The Mystery Of The Invisible Dog
24. The Mystery Of The Dancing Devil
25. The Mystery Of Death Trap Mine
26. The Mystery Of The Headless Horse
27. The Mystery Of The Magic Circle
28. The Mystery Of The Deadly Double
29. The Mystery Of The Sinister Scarecrow
30. The Secret Of Shark Reef
31. The Mystery Of The Scar-Faced Beggar
32. The Mystery Of The Blazing Cliffs
33. The Mystery Of The Purple Pirate
34. The Mystery Of The Wandering Caveman
35. The Mystery Of The Kidnapped Whale
36. The Mystery Of The Missing Mermaid
37. The Mystery Of The Two-Toed Pigeon
38. The Mystery Of The Smashing Glass
39. The Mystery Of The Trail Of Terror
40. The Mystery Of The Rogues Reunion
41. The Mystery Of The Creep-Show Crooks
42. The Mystery Of The Cranky Collector

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Authors: Tim Dorsey

dorseyAnother author I’ve read.

The thing with Dorsey is, if you’ve read one of the Serge books…you’ve read them all. Really. They’re basically the same plot.

Serge and his sidekick Coleman travel around Florida because Serge is an encyclopedia of Florida trivia. They run into kooky crooks and Serge kills a bunch of people in various weird methods.

I mean, what else is there? The locations change-and tend to blur-the people change and the schemes are different, but basically, it’s one plot with some minor adjustments here and there.

I can handle about one Dorsey novel per year.

What are your thoughts on Dorsey?

  1. Florida Roadkill(1999)
  2. Hammerhead Ranch Motel(2000)
  3. Orange Crush(2001)
  4. Triggerfish Twist(2002)
  5. The Stingray Shuffle(2003)
  6. Cadillac Beach(2004)
  7. Torpedo Juice(2005)
  8. The Big Bamboo(2006)
  9. Hurricane Punch(2007)
  10. Atomic Lobster(2008)
  11. Nuclear Jellyfish(2009)
  12. Gator A-Go-Go(2010)
  13. Electric Barracuda(2011)
  14. When Elves Attack(2011)
  15. Pineapple Grenade(2012)
  16. The Riptide Ultra-Glide(2013)
  17. Tiger Shrimp Tango(2014)
  18. Clownfish Blues(


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Today is Friday. Which makes tomorrow Saturday (at least on my calendar it its). That makes the next day Sunday.

Sunday, September 16.

What is so special about that?

Well, tomorrow, I attend the All Iowa Writers Conference in Montezuma. Some good speakers lined up for talks, prizes, and…me.

What’s so special about my being there? I could say it’s a special event wherever and whenever I show up, but the biggest news is that if you attend, you get to not only see me, but the re-released version of Alpha.

Alpha – Bigger, better, guaranteed to satisfy, doctor recommended, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Actually, I know a doctor who does recommend it.)

What’s really different? Uh, one spelling correction and a street renamed to the actual street in Des Moines where one scene takes place.

Did you attend the Iowa State Fair last month? There’s a scene in Alpha that place on the fairgrounds. Did you drive on East 30th south of the fairgrounds over the railyard? There’s a scene that takes place under the bridge and spills onto the tracks.

If you’ve read Alpha, here’s your chance to own a new copy. If you haven’t, then stop on by and grab yourself an action mystery set in Des Moines. The book is free…however, the required autograph costs about $17.

So, that’s Saturday. Sunday will be the online release with lots of celebration on the NeoLeaf site. I’ll be available online to answer questions and give teasers about the next book, Beta, due out in November.

Don’t miss out. Stop by for some excellent speakers at the conference in Montezuma. Visit Our Front Books for all the details. There will be other authors with tables for their books so be sure to visit them…after you stop by my table, of course. Then come online on Sunday and check out the excitement.

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Authors: Rex Stout

200px-Rex_Stout_1931I have enjoyed Nero Wolfe and other characters from Stout for many years. I have listened to or read or have but not yet read the following:

The League of Frightened Men
The Rubber Band
The Red Box
Too Many Cooks
Some Buried Caesar
Over My Dead Body
Where There’s a Will
Black Orchids
Not Quite Dead Enough
The Silent Speaker
Too Many Women
Trouble in Triplicate
The Second Confession
Even in the Best Families
Three Doors to Death
Curtains or Three
Murder by the Book
Prisoner’s Base
Triple Jeopardy
The Golden Spiders
The Black Mountain
Three Men Out
Before Midnight
Might As Well Be Dead
Three Witnesses
If Death Ever Slept
Three for the Chair
And Four to Go
Champagne for One
Plot It Yourself
Too Many Clients
The Final Deduction
Homicide Trinity
The Mother Hunt
Trio for Blunt Instruments
A Right to Die
The Doorbell Rang
Death of a Doxy
The Father Hunt
Death of a Dude
Please Pass the Guilt
A Family Affair
Death Times Three


Her Forbidden Knight
The Mountain Cat
Alphabet Hicks
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U & I: Cancel

cancelIn the early months of driving, I used to get a lot of cancelled trips. These irritated me for two reasons. One, because sometimes I would travel ten or more minutes to reach the destination only to get there or close to the pickup spot and have the rider cancel. Waste of my time.  Two, because there used to be people who would call for a ride, then immediately cancel, then call again, and cancel. Sometimes several times in a row. Then there was the time I was up in Ankeny and I get a call out to Saylorville Lake. Fifteen minutes to get to the location…and when I arrive, the rider cancels. Almost immediately, I get a call to the other side of the lake. Another fifteen minutes…and another cancellation. The third time this happened, I was really upset. When the next call came in, I turned off the app and went home to demand from Uber that I be paid for he wasted time.

I didn’t get paid for it, but sometime later, Uber made a change to the rider side of the app that penalized those riders who cancelled after the driver was long into his pickup drive. So, I have had a few cancellations like this, but I get a minimal fee for my time.

I think this benefits the driver and makes the rider think about the call. Of course, I’ve had riders change their minds after I’ve arrived and have waited. Usually, if it’s a legitimate excuse, I’ll put the reason as “Rider requested cancel”.

I’ve had one rider cancel multiple times because her location was in the west part of West Des Moines and there was nobody closer, but she was hoping for a larger vehicle. We made it work.

I’ve had cancellation from someone I was trying to pick up near the fairgrounds during the fair. He couldn’t find me and wanted me to pull into an area I wasn’t allowed in. I ended up circling the block a few times before he cancelled.

Of course, I’ve had my share of no-shows even after tried to call.

One of the stranger cancellations was only a partial. I picked a guy up from Hy-Vee. We were going only west on Douglas to a street where I’ve visited several times, but he wanted to stop at the convenience store first. No problem. I pulled in, stopped, and he said he’d be right back.

Several minutes later, he walked out…and turned the wrong way. I exited the car thinking I’d catch him looking for me, but when I rounded the corner, I saw him continue walking toward the street where I was supposed to drop him off. He was walking home…without bothering to cancel the ride.

I ran back to the car and tried to intercept him, but he had walked too far, so I pulled back out onto Douglas and ended the trip. I’m thinking the guy had been drinking just enough to dull his memory, but it was a strange trip.

Uber driving…always a new experience.

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Authors: Stephen King

KingFrom time to time, I would like to list some of my favorite authors and the books I own, have read/listened to.

I’ll start with-who else-Stephen King.

Now, you’re going to say, “But what about Christine? Or Cujo? Surely you’ve read those.”

My answer: No, but I’ve seen the movies. So, any that you’ve think I’ve missed-and I’ve missed a few-if there was a movie made, I’ve seen it.

Which of these do you have?

  1. Night Shift – 1978
  2. The Stand – 1978
  3. The Long Walk – 1979
  4. The Dead Zone – 1979
  5. The Mist – 1979
  6. Firestarter – 1980
  7. Roadwork – 1981
  8. Danse Macabre – 1981
  9. The Gunslinger – 1982
  10. Different Seasons – 1982
  11. Pet Sematary – 1983
  12. Cycle Of The Werewolf – 1983
  13. The Talisman – 1984
  14. Thinner – 1984
  15. Skeleton Crew – 1985
  16. The Bachman Books – 1985
  17. It – 1986
  18. The Eyes Of The Dragon – 1987
  19. The Drawing Of The Three – 1987
  20. Misery – 1987
  21. The Tommyknockers – 1987
  22. The Dark Half – 1989
  23. Four Past Midnight – 1990
  24. The Waste Lands – 1991
  25. Needful Things – 1991
  26. Gerald’s Game – 1992
  27. Dolores Claiborne – 1992
  28. Nightmares And Dreamscapes – 1993
  29. Insomnia – 1994
  30. Rose Madder – 1995
  31. The Green Mile – 1996
  32. Desperation – 1996
  33. The Regulators – 1996
  34. Wizard And Glass – 1997
  35. Bag Of Bones – 1998
  36. Storm Of The Century – 1999
  37. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – 1999
  38. Hearts In Atlantis – 1999
  39. Blood And Smoke – 1999
  40. Riding The Bullet – 2000
  41. On Writing – 2000
  42. Secret Windows – 2000
  43. Dreamcatcher – 2001
  44. Black House – 2001
  45. Everything’s Eventual – 2002
  46. From A Buick 8 – 2002
  47. The Man In The Black Suit – 2002
  48. Wolves Of The Calla – 2003
  49. Song Of Susannah – 2004
  50. The Dark Tower – 2004
  51. The Colorado Kid – 2005
  52. Cell – 2006
  53. Memory – 2006
  54. Lisey’s Story – 2006
  55. Blaze – 2007
  56. Duma Key – 2008
  57. Just After Sunset – 2008
  58. UR – 2009
  59. Full Dark, No Stars – 2010
  60. 11/22/63 – 2011
  61. The Wind Through The Keyhole – 2012
  62. In The Tall Grass – 2012
  63. Joyland – 2013
  64. Doctor Sleep – 2013
  65. Mr Mercedes – 2014
  66. Revival – 2014
  67. Finders Keepers – 2015
  68. The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams – 2015
  69. The Music Room – 2016
  70. Gwendy’s Button Box – 2017
  71. Sleeping Beauties – 2017
  72. The Outsider – 2018
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Around The Globe With Craig Price

mountainsIt’s been a while since I’ve interviewed a wonderful author and this morning when I zip over in the transporter, he sets the controls for…some mountain range.

In his own words he says why he enjoys the mountains:

All summer long when it’s beautiful, and you can look into the valleys to see the meadow and trees surrounding it. And in the winter where there’s snow everywhere, and footprints with each step, human, deer, and every other kind of animal. The spring is nice too, with dozens of honey bees in the air, buzzing around the beautiful pink and purple flowers. Then there is fall, where all the trees turn colors, and the mountain and meadows are covered in a beautiful glow of orange, red, and yellow leaves.

I’m just glad it’s not winter. Come the first snow, I’m outta here. First however, it’s interview time.

Rise of the Wyverns

1. Who are you and what makes you the most fascinating person in your city?

My name is Craig, I have a record player with a trumpet horn on it, a long stem pipe, and a beautiful typewriters. I’m definitely the coolest cat in town. 😉

2. Without revealing a deep dark secret (unless you want to), what one thing would people be surprised to learn about you?

My favorite band when I was a kid was Backstreet Boys. And I still listen to them and enjoy their songs.

3. What interested you to become a writer rather than something else such as rock star?

I love words. Whether it’s poetry, lyrics, or literature. I love putting words together to create something beautiful and I’ve been doing it since the first grade.

4. Writers are readers. With which author(s) would you enjoy sharing dinner? Why?

Brandon Sanderson has beautiful magic system, and he’s also a great guy. Other authors I really enjoy are Robert Jordan, Lindsay Buroker, Brian D. Anderson, Jeffrey Collyer and Melissa McPhail

5. If I were stranded on a deserted island or suffering from a four hour layover at the airport, why would your book(s) be great company?

It has dragons in it. Dragons are awesome. It also has wyverns in it, and all the differences between the two species. Also magic and science are pretty awesome as well. =)

6. Share your process of writing in regards to: plot and character development, story outline, research (do you Google or visit places/people, or make it up on the spot), writing schedule, editing and number of rewrites.

First, I make a general plot, then I make general character outlines. After that, I begin a chapter by chapter outline. I usually aim for 10-15 chapters. Then I start writing. For scenery, I take memories and images of different places: beaches, mountains, and all between. Once I write 10 chapters, I am able to get a better idea of where the story is going, and I continue with my chapter by chapter outline, usually staying at least ten chapters ahead so I know where I’m going.

7. “I think I have a good idea for a story, but I don’t know where or how to begin. Your process may not work for me. Any advice?”

There are a lot of great podcasts, books, and lectures out there. One of the best podcasts on writing that I found is ‘Writing Excuses’ with Brandon Sanderson. He and a few other authors on the podcast have so much writing advice!

8. I saw an amusing T-shirt the other day which read, “Every great idea I have gets me in trouble.” What is your philosophy of life?

That is a fantastic shirt, and very true at times. Right now I’m having a problem of too many ideas and not enough time to write them all! I would say mine is, “I need to be the best me today, because tomorrow is always a day away.”

9. Please tell me you’re not going to stop writing? What’s next for you?

I will never stop writing. I began in the first grade, and I will take my writing to my grave. I already have Dragonia 2 done, and it will release a week after the first. I’m a third of the way done with Dragonia 3, and I’m almost done with book 3 of my other fantasy trilogy, ‘Claymore of Calthoira’, so hopefully I’ll have that finished soon as well. And, I have a top secret co-author project I’m working on that I hope to be done with soon!

10. Where can people find more information on you and your projects?

You can find more information on my website at . There you can sign up for my newsletter to receive a few FREE eBooks and hear about updates of my projects, and you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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Volleyball Victory!

sand volleyballI wrote this the Monday (7/23) after the Sunday evening that sees me attend a regular company volleyball league at The Sands, a facility with softball fields and at least 20 sand volleyball courts.

In the summer of my first year at Gannett, I joined the softball team. We did okay but ran into some problems later in the season when we had to forfeit games because not enough people showed.

The next year, I joined one of the two company volleyball teams. We played at Trophies, a bowling alley and volleyball court off of Euclid. The team was boy/girl and each Sunday evening, we played three games against another team.

We had T-shirts with some goofy image that didn’t make sense and didn’t relate to the team name – Chewblockas.

We lost every game. I don’t think we came close to winning, but it was the recreational team, so we were out there to have fun.

This year, I joined the recreational team-as opposed to the competitive team-and we had the interesting team name of Ace Ventura – Spike Detectives, with a T-shirt that has a lama in a pink tutu. The other company team name is the Volley Lamas.

Since not very many people signed up for each team, we’ve had to borrow players from the competitive team.

We’ve lost every game…

…until last night. We finally won!!!

I can now wash my t-shirts.

Oh, I forgot to mention that last year, I decided until we won a game, I wasn’t going to wash the t-shirt. As I said, we lost every game last year. This year started the same and until last night I hadn’t washed the shirt.

Now I can. Yeah, I know pretty blech sounding, but it was my superstition. So, now the shirts can go in the laundry the next time I wash clothes.

I’m sure the world thanks me.

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