Interview Questions??? – VII

Interview 4bThere are other challenges and obstacles and at the time I’m writing this blog-several weeks before posting-I’m dealing with some of these.

Writing: Yes, the simple act of writing the story. I’m struggling with what others might call writer’s block. I have about four projects I’d like to tackle and when I pick up one to think about, maybe scribble a few lines (and when I say scribble, I mean that literally), it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. My mindset isn’t tuned to the story. I’m not coming up with ideas. My mood isn’t set to writing. I’ve learned not to force things because I’ll just end up either nowhere or major rewrites later. My solution is to wait. In time, something will click, the problem will resolve itself. I’ll think of something just before going to sleep or I’ll hear or see something that sparks the fire.

Editing: This is not as bad as I originally thought. No, I don’t like editing, but not because of the work. It’s the time involved. A couple years ago, I spent two days going through one story, Delta, but it was constant work. Hours upon hours of nothing but looking at the computer screen. Last year, I did the same thing to Gamma, and I didn’t get everything accomplished. I spent many weekends, a few hours at a time, getting through the notes taken and smoothing out the story. And yet, I’m still writing extra scenes. I am not a professional editor, but I can catch a lot of things. Most of the time the critique groups catch the bumps and the awkward sentence structure or a concept not understood. So, while editing is an obstacle, time to complete the editing process is the real concern.

Marketing: I’d like to deal with specific plans in a future blog because it’s another question I receive. However, I can touch upon it here. Marketing, finding venues and outlets and events to promote the books is something that is very challenging. I’ve tried a lot of things and most things have failed or else I had minimal success. Again, I’ll get into details in another post, but I would like to emphasize that at least one idea offered-by a publicist type person-didn’t work because when I turned around and made the offer, he turned it down. As did other people and other authors. So, marketing is tough. I have lost money on driving to events, registration costs, and time spent that could be better utilized.

The Next Story: I suppose this could be related to the Writing aspect or else it circles back to it. What’s next? The challenge is to not have nothing in progress, or to not have an idea percolating or being developed.

So, those are the answers to the question of writing challenges. Again, I’m not sure how much readers/fans care about those challenges, or if they do, I’m not aware of the amount of care expressed. Also, again, not criticizing, just offering a speculation.

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