Beta Locales, Part II

There were a lot of places I visited when I did a day trip to the Quad Cities. I traveled all over following the route Mallory took when she paired with Lawrence on the search. She first stops at her grandmother’s house. And here it is. Oh, yes, that was my grandmother’s house.

grandma's house

She meets Lawrence in the Blue Building in East Moline. There is no such named building and to tell you the truth, I don’t know where the actual police station is located. However, I’ve put it along 23rd Avenue at Kennedy. The building I used was originally a light blue but as you can see, it’s changed color and is currently the Black Hawk College Outreach Center.

blue building black hawk co outreach ctr

Davenport and the other cities have changed so much that I couldn’t find but two spots Mallory visited in her search. I tried, but nothing looks as it did 15-18 years ago. Anyway, the first place they visit is a gelatin plant. I believe this is the place where I encountered the rude secretary who was put into the book.

gelatin plant

They also visit the Kraft Foods plant downtown, but I renamed it Carlton. The only realities in the book are: the interior part of the reception office where prospective employees fill out applications, the flighty receptionist, and the employee list book. The layout and interior of the plant are based off another plant since nobody at Kraft would describe anything or any piece of machinery when I contacted them. Fortunately, I had a friend who had done some CAD work for a plant in Ottumwa

carlton plant

This next picture is of a vacant lot and I’m a bit sad because the mat market that was in this spot had been there for decades. I don’t remember the original name and I think I was in the place once or twice. I just always had a fondness for the site being so close to my grandmother’s house and I thought it would be the perfect place for the main operation of the bad guys. I created the interior but much of the exterior is based on my memories. Alas, nothing exists any longer.

meat market

Later in the story, Mallory does a ride along with the FBI in a planned raid on one of the houses the bad guys uses. The house I used was the house next door to the right of the brick one in the picture. I feature the brick house because I used to live there until fifth grade when my family moved. 1015 38th Street, East Moline. 200 yards from the high school, but because of the way they carved up the districts, I would have been shipped to the one downtown. Anyway, a few things have changed with this old house throughout the years

1015 38th avenue

One of Mallory’s chase scenes is on a bicycle and she follows the bad guy but ends up in the mud on the Short Hills golf course.

short hills golf course

So there are some interesting spots where scenes in Beta take place.

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