MotivationMore student essays.


Motivation is an important quality that will get you far in life. Motivation is the reason a person does something and gives them the energy to continue in the pursuit of a goal. A little motivation can go a long way in life. For example, I have a motivation to clean my room so I can play Battlefront.


Personal goals for which he is motivated.

1. To not be online, on the phone playing video games as much

2. To be more physically fit

3. To learn about the game of football

4. To reading more

5. Better self control. This is a goal to stay out of trouble and better myself.


One goal I have is trying to get my next belt for my taekwondo. Another goal is for me to get stronger. I will get stronger by practicing on my taekwondo. I want to be stronger so I can do more things than when I was younger. A goal I have is to be a scientist when I’m older. I want to be a scientist because it would help me learn more and because I’m very creative. Another goal I want to to accomplish is to be an inventor. I want to be an inventor because I am very creative and because I love to build. The last goal I want to finish is that I want to go to Japan. I want to go to Japan for an opportunity to be an inventor.

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