U & I – Questions

time for questionsLast week, I invited readers to ask me questions regarding my experiences with Uber. During my time as a driver I talk with passengers and they also have questions they like to ask. I’ve noticed many, many repeat questions. Today I’d like to mention some and give my answers, which, unfortunately, have become pretty standard. Not sure how to answer the same question week after week with different words.

  1. How long have you been driving for Uber?

Two years in September, 2017

  1. How long have you been driving today?

(This answer, of course, depends on when I started so this is the exception to the standard answer.)

  1. Have you been busy today?

It’s been pretty steady.

  1. Do you like to drive for Uber?

It’s not too bad. (Actually, I think this is sort of a dumb question. Uber isn’t my primary job and I set my own schedule. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it.)

  1. Do you do this part time and what Is your regular job?

Yes. Assistant Graphic Designer for Gannett.

  1. Do you mainly stay in downtown?

I cover the metro. I’ve driven in all of the suburbs and even farther out. Usually, I stick around downtown during Friday afternoons and sit at the Kum and Go on University by the Interstate on Saturdays, covering the west side.

  1. What’s your longest trip?

Either from the airport to Grinnell or the airport up to Ames, then back to the airport. (A guy left his identification on his dresser. That was fun because snow fell during the trip and we were caught in a three-mile single file lane due to an accident.

  1. What’s your craziest Uber story?

I really don’t have any wild and crazy stories. Most of the people are pretty cool. Some of them like to play music and turn up the volume. Some talk loud. Couples will kiss and snuggle in the back seat (no outright making out…yet.)

I’ve had some unusual trips. *I took two guys from the strip club back to home so they could get more money, then back to the strip club. *I took a young couple out to a west side night club where they tried to get in without an ID, then took them back to the east side. That one lasted 45 minutes. *I took a quartet home while one guy was upset because he was thrown out of the bar and the front seat girl tried to calm him. *I took another quarter of girls to various homes while they argued amongst themselves on trying to recover their cars the next morning. One girl said she wouldn’t pick up the others, then didn’t understand why they were mad at her.

  1. Do you make good money with Uber.

It pays the gas and a little bit more.

10.. Have you had anyone puke in your car.

No. Many of the drunks fall asleep. I’ve had two almosts. New Year’s Eve 2015. I pulled over to the side of the road so one guy could get out and do his business. Ditto with the drunk girl, who dry heaved. Then at the motel, she was out before the car stopped and kneeled in the snowdrift to finish her business.

No, I haven’t had any puking, but…

This last weekend I picked up a trio from one of the bars down on Court Avenue and took them out to the west side. The first girl crawled in and sprawled in the back seat. The guy entered the passenger seat and said the first girl was pretty drunk but wouldn’t throw up. He proceeded to play loud music for the entire trip. The second girl kept telling me she loved the song Africa by Toto. When I dropped them off, they hauled out the drunk girl and I discovered that…she had urinated. It had spread to cover the entire back seat. Uber said they’d charge her extra and reimburse me for cleaning costs. Needless to say, but I will, that was the last trip of the night. Which was fine. It was 2 a.m. and I had planned on heading home anyway.

Any more questions?

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