My Desk

2017050295072915Wanted to show you a small section of where I work.

My desk.

On my side of the floor, there are rows and rows of desks just like mine. Each has a dual monitor Macintosh and is L-shaped. Some of the residents have put up pictures, some have action figures standing guard. Others have small plants and all have bits of personal items.

You know, a typical work desk.

When I started this job, I shared the computer with the guy who came on in the evening. After awhile, he moved to another shift and another computer. Which meant his action figures went with him. I didn’t mind them at the desk. They were interesting to look at.

About a month ago, the artists and assistant artist who had been grouped into teams, moved to be together in the same area. So, I moved from a desk near the inside window where I could peer down into the central atrium, see what’s happening down there, hear how groups of chattering children sounded like seagulls, to an outside window across from the Savory hotel that is being renovated (at a snail’s pace in my opinion), where I can peer down on Locust Avenue, and enjoy the sunlight and the thunderstorms.

However, I am back to sharing a computer with the night shift guy. Now there’s no major problem with this arrangement. He has his stuff (movies quotes on the partition, Vikings trivia and Get Fuzzy calendars, lotion, back scratcher) and I have my stuff (small Santa ornament on the back partition). He has the bottom desk drawer and I have the top. I have my little fan which he probably uses.

The only minor issue that I’ve worked around is he has the computer up on a stand. I tried it the first day but didn’t like looking up so much. Plus, he has the monitors tucked back into the corner of the L. I like them right in front of me, not at an angle. So, each morning, I move the monitors to where I like them, and before I leave, put them back where he likes them. I also switch out the mouse and the mouse pad.

See, when I previously shared a computer, the guy and I used a Windows mouse. I don’t like the Mac mouse. It’s too small and I don’t like the scroll wheel. About a month into the job I started getting dry skin on the areas where my hand touched the mouse pad. A dermatologist finally told me it was a personal problem. Seriously. Because I was using a mouse constantly throughout the day, it brought to life some internal problem that resulted in dry skin. I thought it was something I might have picked up from the other guy who also used the mouse pad. So, IT gave me a separate pad for my use only. I’ve brought those over to the new computer.

However, last week, the Windows mouse died and I was forced to use the Mac mouse for a couple days. IT didn’t have another Windows mouse so I bought my own wireless Windows mouse.

So, I’m set.

This is my desk. This is my workplace.

I know, nothing really special about this week’s blog, just a bit of my thoughts on my workplace.

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2 thoughts on “My Desk

  1. Hi Stephen, I was wondering if you would be interested in posting about a display window I have for indie authors and small publishing houses at a local mall. There are no book stores in this town and I am renting a display window with signage directing the potential buyer to a website where they can find the book and purchase it from links taking them to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or a site of their choosing. Its a way to capture the best of both brick and mortar stores as well as the net. I’m trying to get word out about it and thought you might be interested in doing a write up about it. It only costs $5.00 a month for 1 to 10 books. if you have 11 to 20 books it would be $10.00 a month and so on. If you are interested in either displaying or doing a blog about it I would be happy to give you more information.
    Thank you Stephen,
    Wendy Siefken

  2. Pat

    Much neater than my desk!

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