Chapters – XII

C12I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local convenience store does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts.”

I feel sorry for the patron who made this complaint because this person probably missed out on something else delicious. Maybe the store didn’t have the usual items your hometown store did, but one of the beauties of travel is to poke your nose into a local small shop and see what’s there. Many times the items on display might be interesting, locally made, a homemade treat that is made only in that town or country.

The same can said of independent book stores. Yes, it’s quite all right to wander around the aisles looking at the variety of books in your local Barnes and Noble and I’ve done it often. If you’re an online shopper, Amazon probably has what you need.

But it’s the local shop with the narrow aisles and the crammed shelves that might net you something unexpected. For instance, my book. That’s right There are a couple of stores within an hour’s driving from my town where you will find my book. I had to contract with the stores for them to allow my book on their shelves but that’s the nice thing about indie stores. Sometimes they’ll let local authors sell books. They may even have a ‘local authors’ section that you find at B&N, and who knows what treasures you may find from people in your hometown.

Just a short blog today to encourage you to visit small, out of the way shops, poke around, chat up the owner. You might learn and discover something wonderful.

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