Hard Act

winterblizzardSo, I’m rush in on a Sunday afternoon because I had neglected to put up anything on Friday. Sitting on the steps is a man who gives me a peeved look.

“I’ve been waiting here all weekend,” he says. “Where have you been?”

“Uh, driving in a blizzard to attend a Black Belt Camp. Was I expecting you?”

“Well,” he says. “Not really, but I wanted to get something up on your blog on Friday.”

“I do apologize,” I said. “Would you like to come in-”

Of course he would.

And again, I apologize to Mr. Glover for not being here on Friday for him to be a guest.


hard-act-banner-851-x-315Hello! This is Glover Wright hailing from that small island just 14 miles off the coast of France, called Jersey – one of the British Channel Islands . . . and it’s a beauty. It’s where the famous Jersey cows come from, where the USA’s “New Jersey” got its name and which, during WW2, was occupied by Nazi Germany who left the massive indestructible concrete bunkers of their “Atlantic Wall as their legacy. Jersey is also, these days, an international offshore banking centre – so you get the glass-sided high-rise towers along with the green beauty of the island with its granite cliffs, secluded bays and stretches of golden sand beaches with surfing waves. I love it. It’s where – after years of travelling wherever my former music career took me –I settled permanently to write the thrillers which have taken over my life. My new book, the latest of nine, is finally done, dusted and out, published, first, there in the USA on Feb 21st 2017 by Fiery Seas Publishing and simultaneously as an EBook, worldwide.

I say “finally” as it has been some journey completing ‘HARD ACT’. At one point I thought I was done with it but, after switching representation from London to New York’s dynamic ‘super-agent’ Linda Langton, I heeded Linda’s sound advice and, literally, went back to the beginning and started over – the hardest thing I have done in my entire writing career. But the extra effort was well worth it. What Linda had picked up on – which I had been blind to for almost two years – was that the strongest character was actually never seen! He existed in the shadows, unnamed, creating havoc across the world: a rogue CIA agent, switching sides, serving two masters – both US and Israeli Intelligence – while working only for himself with the sole aim of winning, by any means including murder, the secret of where the bounty the US president had paid for the capture or death of Osama bin Laden was hidden. A dangerous man obsessed, not just by the money but also with the clever, successful Geneva-based fund manager, mistress of the Saudi Prince and terror-funding banker whom both sides wanted alive or, if necessary, dead: an exquisitely beautiful woman named Serena Lashari who could unlock the vault to $25,000,000 dollars.

I named my rogue CIA agent Ben Markstein and as soon as I had done that he stepped from the shadows and owned the story from page one to the final denouement. “Hero” he definitely is not! But if you read HARD ACT I guarantee you’ll never forget him. And to think I never even gave him a name? Enjoy the book – I certainly did, writing it!

coverHard Act

Glover Wright

Genre: Thriller

Release Date: February 21, 2017

Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing

Book Description:

Only the CIA knows the truth, and all it would take for the president’s legacy to be tarnished forever is for one agent involved to turn rogue and reveal everything . . .

In 2011, American Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden in an ultra-secret CIA operation hailed as the outgoing US president’s crowning achievement. Pakistan’s chief investigator into US Operation Neptune Spear concluded Bin Laden was betrayed by Al Qaeda itself, fooling the CIA and gaining the US president’s bounty on their ailing leader’s head: $25,000,000, which may have given birth to deadly ISIS.

Loner, Agent Ben Markstein, betrayed and primed for retribution by his obsession with the Pakistani beauty at the dark heart of HARD ACT, an unsanctioned covert black operation planned by former US Senator Wendell Strachan to save the president and regain the $25,000,000 held in a Liechtenstein bank account by Saudi Prince Faisal bin Sharif, CEO of a billion-dollar Islamic charity trust and secret terrorist money-launderer.

Markstein learns that Serena Lashari, the beautiful, clever, successful Geneva-based fund-manager is Prince Faisal’s lover and has the account codes. He acts ruthlessly, manipulating Wendell Strachan and the black operation to win Serena and the money for himself.

Against a background of political conspiracy and escalating violence across Europe, culminating in potential catastrophe at a nuclear-armed U.S.A.F air-base in England, Ben Markstein plays HARD ACT’s ruthless game to win – even at the cost of the lives of all who stand in his way.

Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/iWQquXlhBk8

wrightAbout the Author:

Glover Wright has a background in entertainment. He was lead-guitarist in the 1960’s for American Rock Legends Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent on their British tours, recorded as Buddy Britten & the Regents, was with the Beatles in their early Hamburg days and, through his friendship with John Lennon, became composer and producer with The Beatles Apple Music. After the Beatles split, he signed with Mercury records USA, had success as Simon Raverne and toured widely entertaining US troops, an experience he remembers with pride.

With writing in mind, he broke from music in the 1970’s and spent time with contract soldiers and British SAS units in Oman, resulting in his debut novel The Torch, which was accepted immediately by Putnam USA and published worldwide including many translations. During his extended period in the Middle East he met many figures later to shape world events, including Libya’s Moammar al-Gaddafi and in Beirut’s celebrity-haunt nightclub Le Cave de Roy was invited ­– after being recognized and asked to perform a song on stage – to join the table hosted by a wealthy young Saudi Arab named Osama Bin Laden.

Glover Wright has had eight novels published to date and lives now in Jersey, British Channel Islands. He still performs musically at charity fund-raisers for servicemen and women wounded in action and is proud to do so.

HARD ACT is his most hard-hitting and timely thriller to date. World best-selling writer Jack Higgins describes it as: “The most ingenious thriller I have read this year.”







5 ebook copies

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