More student essays on Excellence:

Madison –

Try your best at whatever you do. Be the best you can be. It takes time and practice to be your best. Practice your hardest to be your best.

Ethan –

Doing above average. For example is 10 was ok, but there was 20 possible, then 20 would be excellent. Or, if the average reading level was 24, but there were 30 levels, if you were on level 30, that would be exhibiting excellence.

Stella –

Excellence is when you do something great. It takes practice because the first time is not always the best time. You need to keep trying.

I am having trouble doing pivots on my kicks, but I keep trying to get them right.

I am learning to read and sometimes words are hard and I have to keep practicing to get them. I makes me feel good and happy when I finally get things.

I know I will continue to grow and learn new skills as long as I keep doing my best, trying my hardest and having fun. I think that is excellence.

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