Adult Truth #24 or ???? Part 2

24The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 ; the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.”

Several years ago I wrote a blog concerning certain imponderable questions. I listened to a couple audio books which asked and tried to answer some of these questions. For instance, why doesn’t the water in water towers freeze into one big iceberg in the winter? Answer – a combination of three things of which I’ve forgotten.

Anyway, this humorous truth about the state of men’s minds set me to thinking about other questions nobody has been able to answer or if there is an answer, it would be an interesting anecdote to put into a story.

  1. How do they know snowflakes are all different?
  2. Who decided that even numbered major highways run east/west and the odd numbered run north/south?
  3. Who designed the zip codes and how did the assignations to each city come about?
  4. Why is the standard paper size 8.5x11and not 8×10?
  5. Who decided the width of the railways? (Actually, there is an interesting piece I’ve seen floating around the emails that does sort of answer this question and I would like to know if it has any veracity.)
  6. Why do clocks run clockwise, but race cars race counterclockwise?
  7. Why are there 18 holes in a golf game and not 20?
  8. Who came up with the unoriginal name for the fly? So many other things fly, why name that particular pest the fly?
  9. What is the point of Daylight Savings Time in today’s world?
  10. Why is it pronounced Celtics with a hard C but the team is called the Boston Celtics?

Okay, I’m not going to think too much harder about this, but these questions are interesting. Do any of my readers have questions that bother and niggle?

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One thought on “Adult Truth #24 or ???? Part 2

  1. Don Stursma

    The law of averages say that out of megatrillions of snowflakes some must be identical, but who wants to sort through enough of them to prove it.
    Railroad gauges have not always been identical, but in England the legend is that for centuries cart makers had spaced their wheels to match the ruts in roads dating back to Roman times, and railroads continued the tradition.
    Zip codes have been used since the early 60s as a coding system to make mail sorting easier, but who knows how the numbers got assigned.

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