Missing You

i-miss-you-79There are certain people who pass through your life, maybe stay awhile, maybe there for a short moment. But those individuals…there’s something about them…something unique, something special. There’s something that touches you within. Whether you tell that person how he/she affects you…well, the effect is still the same. I know someone with that unique ‘special-ness’ who, although still is a co-worker, is now a distant one.                    ——————————————

A few weeks have passed since you moved to a new location in the office, but after almost 14 months working close to you, I missed your presence that first day. I told you I would miss you and I do.

I miss your smile.

Your voice and the way the pitch rose on certain sentences.

Your laugh.

Your growls of frustration and your small yahs of celebration when something went right.

I miss the delicious food you brought to your desk.

I miss the times you stretched and laughed about it.

I miss wondering how you had your hair done on a given day and what outfits you wore.

I miss empathizing when you were sick.

I miss chatting with you and listening to you talk with your teammate.

I miss your helping me with computer problems.

I miss looking up and seeing you across the partition. On those days, I was content. Now, when I look up, I see another sitting at the desk, and I’m sad.

Oh, you’re still around, but the times I’ll see you will be few and far between.

You’re one of the good ones.

You are missed.

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