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bookstoreThis morning, when I pick up this week’s featured author, she hides what she inputs into the transporter settings. Soon, however, we’re ensconced in comfy chairs in what appears to be the back corner of small but interesting bookstore. She smiles and says, “Twitter that #happyplace.”

1. Who are you and what makes you the most fascinating person in your city?

I’m Elbot from the planet Snorken. Actually, I’m Kelly Martin. I’m a writer. I’m not that interesting. I cried during the last episode of Austin and Ally. Then I went and watched some American Horror Story because… #wellrounded

2. Without revealing a deep dark secret (unless you want to), what one thing would people be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve never been on an airplane (don’t know if that’s very surprising) and I know the entire monologue of the opening of The A-Team “In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit…”

3. What interested you to become a writer rather than something else such as rock star?

I can’t sing, and I don’t have cool hair. I’ve always liked telling stories. I love writing stories. I don’t know. It’s just fun to do.

4. Writers are readers. With which author(s) would you enjoy sharing dinner? Why?

Stephen King, John from the Bible, Stephenie Meyer, and the writing team of Supernatural. Why? Because I think it would be epic.

heartless 1400x21005. If I were stranded on a deserted island or suffering from a four hour layover at the airport, why would your book be great company?

You will have bright lights in case you scare easily. You’ll identify with Gracen. You’ll love to hate Hart. And you’ll hide your ugly cry tears at the ending–and look around when you are finished and wonder how everybody else in the world is functioning like nothing has happened when your little heart has shattered. #allthefeels

6. Share your process of writing in regards to: plot and character development, story outline, research (do you Google or visit places/people, or make it up on the spot), writing schedule, editing and number of rewrites.

I google because I don’t visit places lol. Well, that’s not true. Most of my stories take place in middle Tennessee, which is where I live. I don’t venture out very much. I don’t outline very much. I know how I want the story to end or an end scene. Then I just write until I get there. I love writing like I’m watching a movie in my head. When I’m writing a novel, I do about 2k a day. It takes about a month for me to write a book. Editing takes a bit longer 😉

7. “I think I have a good idea for a story, but I don’t know where or how to begin. Your process may not work for me. Any advice?”

Begin at the beginning. Sit down. Put your fingers on the keyboard, and type. It doesn’t have to be great the first time. In fact, it probably won’t be. Don’t worry about that in the first draft. Just keep imagining/picturing the story in your head and let your fingers move to tell the story. Before you know it, you’ll have a complete first draft. You can’t edit or fix a blank paper.

8. I saw an amusing T-shirt the other day which read, “Every great idea I have gets me in trouble.” What is your philosophy of life?

“Don’t Wish. Do.”

9. Please tell me you’re not going to stop writing? What’s next for you?

I’m not. Soulless, the sequel to Heartless, comes out Feb. 14th, 2016. Breathless (book 3) comes out Sept. 4th. I also have the 3rd book in the Shattered Fairy Tale Series (The Glass Coffin) which comes out March 29th. And also a few short stories thrown in there for good measure. –I write a lot 😉

Kelly Martin10. Where can people find more information on you and your projects?

e m a i l–

Where I spend most of my internet time:

My instagram:

My “nerd” group on facebook:

~*~*My other Internet Dwellings*~*~

The blog:

The amazon:

The facebook:

The twitter:

The instagram: kellymartin215

The tumblr:

The pinterest:

The youtube (I’m told my accent is cute… I don’t know if I agree…)

Heartless Banner 851 x 315

Heartless Excerpt

Jessup Hart Blackwell ate my brain every night. He also ate my spleen, my liver, and my kidneys. Basically, anything he could get to, he ate. My tongue was his favorite. He said liars’ tongues were the best.

The leather straps with the weird symbols on them held me down—and quite frankly chaffed the heck out of me—while he cut and ripped away at every bit of skin, muscle, and cell I had.

All but one.

My heart.

He said it was because I didn’t have one.

For years this happened until I finally told my mom who took me to the doctor who in turn gave me some medicine to induce a dreamless sleep and offered the alternative of placing me in a mental hospital if I didn’t want to take it.

I chose medicine.

The nightmares stopped.

Until a week ago when I started my freshman year at the University of Tennessee at Crimson Ridge campus.

Last night, Hart brought a friend.

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2 thoughts on “Around The Globe With Kelly Martin

  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog ❤ It was fun! ~Kelly

  2. Anytime.

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