(Not) Missing My Old Job

4526578793_005a7c519e_zSo, I’ve been at my new job at Gannett Image and Design for almost two months and I’ve been asked by several people whether I miss my old job. My answer is a resounding – no.

But maybe that answer should be clarified, because saying no implies that I do not miss anything about my old job and that’s not true.

I thought I’d miss not having earned vacation but that was shown to be not true the first week into the new job.

I miss some of the people with whom I worked.

I miss the quiet time. And actually, it’s almost as quiet at the new job as the old, considering. Seriously, stop by for a visit and you might see that sometimes it’s eerie how quiet it is even with thirty people who are within hailing distance.

I miss being able to read and write during the downtime. No downtime in the new job, which is fine. During my lunch time I read.

Things I will NOT miss about my old job. Please do not think this is trashing the old job and/or the company because I’m not. I would never outright trash or put down my old company…especially on a blog. There were certain aspects, though, that became irritating over time.

– the piped in music. Not to say the songs weren’t enjoyable, but when you’ve heard Hotel California by the Eagles about ten times per week, it gets old. Ditto with Wrapped Around My Finger, Police; a particular song by Adele; several country songs; and the worst offenders: foreign songs. I heard the Spanish version of Hit The Road Jack way, way too many times.

– the office chairs. The two that kept sinking to the bottom every time you sat. The one in Pella that the back broke.

– the angry guests. Yes, it’s a customer service oriented business, but sometimes…

– computer problems and tech service problems. Here is where I deviate from from not trashing something because as I’ve complained about in previous blogs, tech service, in a lot of instances is a joke. One, because they’re far away. Two because, although I am not bigoted or prejudiced, some of those accents are difficult to understand. Three, because many of their solutions involve turning off the machine and rebooting. Does the report print or the program work now? Yes. Well, then problem solved. Uh, no not really.

– clean up. Messes at breakfast either caused by the guests or by my accident prone nature. Either way, I cleaned it up.

– laundry. YES! No more folding towels. The only ones I fold are my own.

– plunging toilets. I used to think that laundry was the one part of the job I disliked the most. Wrong! Having to clean up after a guest has overflowed the toilet is the worst.

– night people. Not so much in Altoona, but in Pella there were a lot of wanderers throughout the night. Some were okay, some were…a bit out there. They made good fodder for future stories, though.

So, yes, there are things about the old job I will miss. I look forward, though, to enjoying the new job. Nice co-workers, several choices of supervisors who will help with problems. An IT department on site. Daytime, normal hours. I’m even enjoying the overtime.

Anything about your previous jobs you miss or don’t miss?

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3 thoughts on “(Not) Missing My Old Job

  1. I do not miss commuting in crappy weather, and I do not miss some of the more special people I used to work with. Although, like you, it did give fodder for ideas of storylines. And yes, the overseas techs were unique. Glad you are happy at your new job!

  2. Don Stursma

    Glad you like your new job. One of my biggest reservations about retiring is missing the professional friends and acquaintances built up over the years.

  3. Lee Collins

    Glad you are enjoying the change. I look forward to new stories.

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