balanceThe second attribute the two students chose was Balance. Here are their essays on how and where they can exhibit Balance.


Balance is very important. The definition of balance is “an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.” I need balance so I can do tricky things. Like climbing the huge rock at the recreation center. Or ziplining at Anna’s house.

I can use balance in most places. At home, I need balance when my brothers try to tackle me. And wrestle me. If I want to keep my head, hands, neck, and legs, I need to use my balance. Even if I’m on one foot, it’ll be hard, but balance is the key.

I can use balance at school. When I’m playing during recess and I’m playing on the balance beam (look, it even says it in its name) I need to balance. I guess, whatever I’m playing at recess, or whatever I’m doing, I need to balance FOR EVERYTHING.

I can use my balance in the community. How, you say? Well, say I’m riding my bike. I need to use my balance so I don’t fall off and hurt my leg by some of the sharp stuff that the bike is made of. I need to use balance for everything and balance is the key.

Hmm…if I need to use balance for everything and balance is the key, what make it important? If I lose my balance, I’ll fall and hurt myself every time I try to stand up. Now do you see why balance is important? But, I had one mistake in my essay. Balance isn’t the key. It’s you.


I need to use balance everywhere I go: at home, at school, or in the community. At home, I have to use balance a lot. I have to balance my chores and playtime evenly so that I will have time to do my schoolwork and to go to bed on time.

At school, when I’m playing kickball, it’s hard not to slip. So, I have to balance and round the bases properly. When playing dodgeball in P.E., I have to balance so I can dodge the ball when needed (like when it’s flying at my face).

In the community, I need balance, too. I have to balance when I’m at my friend Carson Breon’s house. He has a zipline on his play set, and if I fell, I’d hurt myself badly.

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