speedThis week, I present another couple of essays from two of my students. One of their assignments was to take two of the attributes I had assigned to their form and write a one page essay on how they could use them at home, at school, and in the community. They picked Speed and Balance.

First up – speed.


I can use speed anywhere I go. At home, at school, or in the community. At home, when I’m running from my huge Great Dane, Lincoln, I have to go super fast because he can chase me and then tackle me.

I can use speed at school. When I’m in the track, I need to breathe so I can run fast. If I’m working on schoolwork, I have to take my time and do my work fast both at the same time.

I can also use my speed in the community. On Wednesday nights, I go to a church group called Cadets. If I’m about to be tackled in our “Midnight Street Fight” game, I have to flee quickly. I also have to make a really speedy car in Cadets that will go at least 10.5 mph in the Derby so I can win a trophy.


I can be speedy in plenty of ways. I could be speedy or quick almost everywhere! (Unless I am in a contest to see who can be the slowest for the longest…) But that’s beside the point. Having speed, ‘the rate of a measure of he rate of motion’ or moving quickly’ is a choice. I have to choose to do it and then stick to it – I must stay determined.

I can have speed at home. When I’m doing my chores so I can do something fun with my family, and I want to do it quickly, I can use speed. I can do my job quickly. But I cannot do that if I don’t stick to it.

I can also use speed at school. If recess has already started and I want to make it to the swings, I must speed up, stop chatting, and finish whatever I’m doing. If I’m trying to get a worksheet done, I have to speed up and finish quickly. But if I want a good grade, could I speed up? Yes. I have to have quality. You don’t want to go too fast. You want to have a pace. Sometimes it’s good to o slow and steady. Set you pace, and you’ll see it will speed up you time – just like in the mile run.

Another place I can use speed is in the community. Let’s say I’m picking up trash in the square. I want to make it to my brother’s baseball game. I have to speed up my work. That is a case where I must use speed. Even if I’m tired and I want to go slow. I have to stay determined. Because it will be worth it. (Especially when you’re watching you brother pitch to the grand-slam batter in the game.)

It’s kind of like the pilot fish and a shark. The pilot fish frees the shark from any kind of parasites, and in turn, the shark gives the pilot fish protection from predators. You see, you can have speed, and you can have determination and perseverance. But how do you persevere if you have nothing to try for? You have to do both, and everything will work out. Set yourself a pace. You’ll see.

Next week: Balance

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