Wizard World: Comic-Con, Des Moines 2015


When I don’t have current issues or events to discuss and highlight, and when I don’t have author interviews or blog tours promote, I have presented the latest in several series of blogs written some time ago so that I would be ahead on posts and wouldn’t have to think of something at the last minute.

My current series are: Adult Truths, Food For Thought, Martial Arts Aspects, and Chapters, which usually involve some humorous complaint.

However, the Adult Truths will be ending soon and, again, I wanted to be ahead of the game so I’m not at a loss.

SAM_0159Thus, Wizard World. This company promotes Comic Con around the country and last weekend, it came to Des Moines for the first, but not last, time. At this event, several authors from the Davenport Writes team were in attendance (as seen on the banner above) to sell books and enjoy the event.

Oh yeah, there were a few celebrities who showed up and signed autographs and sat for pictures.

PART_1434148976045_20150612_173743-2William Shatner.

Lou Ferrigno, Cassandra Peterson, Dean Cain, Billy Dee Williams, wrestlers Paige and Seth Rollins, Michael Cudlitz, and Robert Englund and a few more. No, I didn’t spend the money for autographs or pics (Shatner’s quick pic came from a friend of an author friend) but I can say I saw them. (Well, all except Rollins. I did see Paige just as she was leaving. She is short.)

At the event, I took over 400 pictures. However, some of them disappeared. I don’t know what happened. I specifically remember the few that disappeared.

Anyway, here are just a sample of the characters (and characters) who agreed to pose for pictures. The rest I will throw in every so often and have a related post attached. So, until next year’s crop of Comic Con attendees, welcome to Wizard World Comic Con Des Moines, 2015!


Lots of vendors. 12 aisles. Selling everything from comic books (of course) to celebrity photos and cardboard cutouts ot movie prints to sugar bears. (Yes, live animals.)


A version of Captain America and Mario characters.


One of our authors, Miyoko Hikiji (the pretty woman in blue), with C.A.


Okay, I didn’t recognize ALL of the costumes, but they were all fun to look at.


These two switched out Sunday to Catwoman and Batman.SAM_0171

The Riddler and Miss Riddler.

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