Food For Thought: Old West

Old WestOld West

4138 Fleur Drive

Des Moines, IA


Finishing up her meal, Lori Campisi writes to her contact back in Washington, D.C. who has asked her to tell him about many of the are restaurants.


Mr. Hundt,

Tonight I went north of the international airport on Fleur and found a bright cheery Mexican restaurant. Though the parking lot was full, I was offered a table almost immediately. The décor is southwestern, wood tones but the lighting, except for the front part is sufficient to read by, which as you know, I enjoy while eating.

The menu offers many traditional items such as fajitas, pollo dishes, and chimichangas. There is a bar in the rear. They offer lunch combinations at $6.99, a children’s menu and a few favorite dessert items. Of course there are appetizers and huevos selections that can be ordered for lunch or dinner.

What you would be interested in is the unique entrees such as Fajita Montana with adds pineapple chunks to the beef, chicken and shrimp dish. Another entree, because I know you can eat a lot, is the Diane Special. I see at least six varieties of steak meals including a Carreta Steak which is a 12 ounce T-bone, grilled and topped with shrimp, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos.

I ordered the Camarones A La Crema-shrimp and crab in a cheese sauce with a salad and rice. The crab meat is in flakes and probably the fake crab used by so many places, but I didn’t confirm it with the staff. This meal cost a bit more than the usual which runs from seven to ten dollars. The seafood entrees are always more and mine was eleven dollars.

Speaking of the staff, my waiter was attentive although he didn’t offer me another basket of chips.

My impression is that you would like it because it would have items that match your, uh, eclectic, tastes.




No, I will not sign my emails to you ‘Fox’. That is your silly nickname for me as I have been telling you for years.

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