Food For Thought: Luigi’s



2811 Southeast 14th Street

Des Moines, IA, 50320


On this particular Friday evening, Mallory is getting ready for a date with her boyfriend.


When I answered the doorbell, I found a handsome man on my doorstep. 6’5”, 250 pounds of muscle, sandy brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. He smiled when he saw me and I melted.

“Where are you taking me tonight?”

“I thought we’d go Italian,” I suggested.

Since Lawrence Cameron lived in the Quad Cities and I three hours away in Des Moines, we have come to an agreement. When I visit him he chooses the restaurant. The times he treks halfway across the state to my place, I decide. Neither of us has been disappointed.

“Sounds good.”

“I know of this little place on Southeast 14th that is just wonderful.”

Awhile later we shown to a table in a romantically lit dining area that contained maybe ten tables. Electric candles, wooden chairs. The waitress offered us menus and took our drink orders.

“This was an excellent choice,” Lawrence commented when the waitress had left.

“Just wait until you taste the food.”

The waitress returned a minute later with our drinks and a basket of bread.

“The bread could be a bit warmer and the butter not as frozen, but it’s still good.”

We perused the menu. The appetizers ranged from garlic bread to Mozzarell caprese. We went past the lunch menu and right to the dinner entrees. Everything you’d expect was listed. Chicken Parmesan, Fettucini Alfredo, Veal Picatta and your basic spaghetti combinations. Even hot and cold subs.

“What are you having?”

“I need to try some other meals some time, but I want the Shrimp and Scallops with scampi sauce over linguini.”

“You do like your seafood,” he said.

“Last time I ordered the Seafood Combo with shrimp, scallops, and mussels with the lemon sauce. Want to hear an amusing tale?”


“After ten minutes the waitress stopped by my table and said the food was almost ready. Then the hostess stopped by and said my meal took a bit longer to prepare than others and apologized for the delay. I told her I wasn’t in a hurry. Then the owner himself stopped by and apologized for the delay.”

“That’s pretty considerate.”

“They fussed over me as if I might get disgusted and walk out.”

“Was the meal worth the wait.”

“Oh my! All three stopped by to ask how I enjoyed it. The food was very good.”

Lawrence ordered the Baked Lasagna.

“Not too bad a price for the meals,” he said.

“Remember,” I said, “I’m paying.”

That was also part of our agreement. I didn’t mind. Luigi’s prices weren’t over the top. The dinners ran from ten dollars for the Chicken Picatta to sixteen for my Seafood Combo. Salads included with some meals. Desserts were traditional Tiramisus to Creme Brulee but our meals were so delicious and filling we chose not to indulge.

The owner thanked us as we were leaving and I said we’d be back again some day. We would.

Lawrence opened the car door for me. “Where to now?”

“I think we’d better find someplace to dance off all this food.”

“Another excellent idea.”

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2 thoughts on “Food For Thought: Luigi’s

  1. Don Stursma

    They should have gone to Latin King or Barattas.

  2. Maybe I’ll send them there in the future.

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