Thank You…

thankyou picWell, by now I’ve surprised the people I wanted to surprise so now I can make it official. I’ve moved again. The last move was from Oskaloosa to a campground just north of West Point, Iowa, to work at the Keokuk Super 8. A couple of weeks ago, I accepted a position at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Altoona. It’s located on the far northeast part of the Des Moines metro. So, ensconced in my new apartment in Carlisle, new job underway, I wish to take time in this week’s short post to extend my thanks to a variety of people who made the last five months an experience I’ll never forget, and one I do not wish to repeat.

Thank you…

…to the previous boss who gave me a job without an interview.

…to my sister and brother in-law for letting me live in their camper for five months.

…to the campground owners who let me stay long term with a decent rent.

…to the woman who clued me in to the already suspected slum lord when I was looking for apartments.

…to those landlords and managers who never called me back, even after repeated phone calls because you let me know you really weren’t serious about creating a relationship or about conducting business, and that you didn’t know about simple courtesy. You only fired up my determination to find a better place to live.

…to the two or three libraries who never returned my offer to do a free presentation to promote my books or to present a self defense seminar. You only fired up my determination to try harder and that I’ll never forget other authors who are out there striving to be known.

…to the wonderful, delightful, and sometimes goofy guests who created fodder for stories.

…to the variety (okay, somewhat limited) of restaurants that offered new dining experiences.

…to the Keokuk karate club owner who allowed me to have a table at his tournament where I not only sold books, but enjoyed watching a wide variety of martial arts styles.

…to the campground neighbors who gave me food and took care of my cat when I had to be away for a few days.

…to Kim for the constant job listings even though most of them either were jobs for which I wasn’t qualified (welding) or couldn’t afford to live doing (part-time pizza driver). However, you kept me looking and hoping and trying.

…to, of course, my parents for, well, everything they’ve done over the past five months.

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5 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. Good news. Welcome back to the area. Look forward to seeing you on a Thursday evening.

  2. Steve, so glad you have landed!! Know it was a tough five months, but isn’t that what gives us character?? Wishing you the best of luck in your new position and hope to see you soon. Lee and I will be at the Beaverdale Books on November 17th so maybe you can rally the troops and come see us. Again so glad things are beginning to turn around.

  3. Adversity makes us stonger or so they say. Glad your trials are over and you can resume…what you resume in peace and security. Keep writing and keep feeding that cat! He will add to your character!

  4. I’m trying to get oriented with the job. There’s a lot to do. So different from the past number of years.

  5. Don Stursma

    Good to have you back in Central Iowa and with a better deal than what you had. Good luck with the new job.

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