Should I…

question markThis week’s post will be short. Next week I’ll begin another series of Around the Globe with… author interviews. I have a few lined up and more who have yet to return their questionnaires.

However, I wanted to know if you think I should post a letter I wrote. Let me explain. Last week I called for supporters and fans and friends to send in emails to Taekwondo Times magazine urging them to continue publishing my short stories featuring Mallory Petersen. On the same day, I received an email from the editor. I had been waiting to hear back from her after I had sent in part three of the first story and the second story. Her reply was that although the stories were well written, they had decided not to publish any further stories.

So I wrote a reply which I sent today to the magazine and I considered posting it on the blog. Then I had second thoughts. First, let me explain that the letter is not insulting, condemning, threatening, derisive, or contain profanity. It does contain my disappointment in their decision.

My father suggested sending the letter to the magazine and as I have valued his opinion throughout the years, I did so. However, I was wondering what you, the readers, thought about posting the letter here. Would I be burning a bridge with T.T. magazine? Would I be burning future bridges with others?

Again, the letter is not sour grapes but I present my case in a logical discussion and end by thanking the magazine for the opportunity they gave me in the first place.

So, what do you think? Post here or chalk it up to a live-and-learn experience. Let me thank all who wrote in. I don’t know if your emails changed minds, but I’ hope they were surprised.

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2 thoughts on “Should I…

  1. Where’s the letter? Do we get to read it? Am I missing something?

  2. No, the post was asking for opinions if I should post the letter.

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