CourtesyAll doors open to courtesy.” – Thomas Fuller

I remember a girl from about ten years ago. She was a student who attended my taekwondo class for approximately six months, maybe less. I know she earned her yellow belt before she dropped out of sight, moved back to Missouri or Kansas, or moved on to somewhere else.

I won’t get in to the whole goofy story about her. I will say that I took her out twice. Once for her birthday and another time maybe a week later. My point I want to discuss is the courtesy I showed her during most of the two dates.

Most of the time, you ask? Let me explain.

I consider myself a courteous guy. I have my faults, sure, but I try to treat a woman with respect and courtesy. I try to be a gentleman. Part of being nice is that I open doors for a woman. Store doors, restaurant doors…and car doors.

I realize there are some women in this world who might find this gesture to be old fashioned and some who might be offended that I would think a woman needed help with a door. I hope there aren’t too many of the latter kind.

Anyway, near the end of the second ‘date’ with the aforementioned girl, she told me I didn’t have to open the car door for her every time. So, after our dinner in the restaurant near the end of the evening, I didn’t. (This explains the ‘most of the time’ sentence from above.)

Actually, I was a little offended. I wasn’t treating her as if she was a weak female. I remember holding the door for my long time girlfriend for awhile at the beginning of our relationship. Sometime during our time together I stopped doing it every time, but not because she told me, but because we had become comfortable with each other, like a normal man/woman relationship will get. But for this girl to tell me I could stop holding doors for her was a bit disconcerting.

I would think, and confirm this for me ladies, that most women enjoy being treated with courtesy. (I know, a big duh here.) Isn’t it good for men to hold or open a door for you? I mean dad and I still do it for my mother. Would you tell someone NOT to open a door? “Hey, don’t worry, I got this.”

Please understand, I’m not bashing this girl. (Hec, I don’t even remember her name.) I do know she was pretty, an intriguing enigma who, if I was honest with myself, I knew wouldn’t be around my town for very long. But those aren’t the salient points.

Courtesy. I’m still going to show it…unless you are a hardcore, men hating ultra-feminist who considers all males to be worthless slimeballs out to stomp every woman under his hairy foot. Then I may think twice about opening the door for you.

Nah, I probably will and I’ll just have to suffer the consequences of your laser beam stare.

As for the rest of you…expect it from me and I hope you appreciate the gesture.

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4 thoughts on “Courtesy

  1. When a man holds a door for me I’ve never thought it was because they thought I was weak, I thought it was a sign of respect. Some of the “new” rules confuse me most of the time. Not all women find fault in men in general.


  3. marta chausée

    Common courtesy has become too uncommon. I open the car door for my guests when I am chauffeur. I expect a man to open doors for me. I also open doors for other people, when I am first to the door.

    Between women and men in relationship, I believe, there should always be the utmost courtesy shown. In my book, courtesy is foreplay.

  4. So far, whenever I open or hold a door for somebody else walking into a store, I haven’t received a negative response.

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